Who would Jesus drink coffee with?

Scene: a busy Melbourne coffee shop

A man wearing a tag for the International Conference of Jehovah’s Witnesses sits down next to me.

Me:    Excuse me. I don’t mean to be rude but I thought Jehovah’s Witnesses weren’t allowed to drink coffee?

Well, it turns out some do and some don’t. Some drink beer and some don’t. Some support Tottenham Hotspur and some are going to hell. Actually it was the last one that was the clincher.

My newfound JW friend and I embarked on a rapid-fire journey of discovery covering everything from the Peace of Westphalia and the Anabaptists to the place of Jurgen Klinsmann as a Spurs icon. We touched on comparative religion, the significance of good coffee, the Great Ocean Road, my grandfather, his parents, Etihad Stadium, history, the Watchtower, the distance from Munster to White Hart Lane by plane, and the clearing up of misconceptions.

And all because I was rude enough to ask if he was allowed to drink coffee! I must try this more often.

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